Listening has never been this easy.

Spkr is an always on audio network that simplifies listening. The best content - organized, curated and delivered to you with easy-to-listen, live audio feeds. Stop wasting time looking for something great to listen to, just sit back and relax as Spkr does the work for you.

Spkr - Your always on curated audio stream

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Connecting Creators to New Audiences

Spkr. is a platform that promotes and evangelizes creators by delivering great content to consumers when, where, and how they want it. As a result, we provide creators the ability to reach new audiences at the right moment of their day, thus increasing their reach and scale.

In addition, the platform’s technology connects directly to the creator’s RSS feeds, ensuring that creators get direct distribution, data collection and monetization. If you are a creator and have any questions or would like to discuss promotional opportunities for your shows on Spkr, please contact us below.


Our Team


We are a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and executives with a deep pedigree of innovation across digital and media, including leadership roles at premier leadership brands including MTV, Legendary Entertainment, SiriusXM and CBS Radio.

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